As two sneakerheads and fashion lovers, we have always appreciated quality and style. Growing up, some of our most exciting moments were shoe-related: wearing a fresh pair of all-white Air Forces to school, unboxing a limited pair of Jordan 1s, winning a raffle for a big drop!

As our love for shoes grew, we noticed we were among many sneakerheads, shoe-enthusiasts, collectors, and kicks-wearers. There was an entire culture behind us!

We were in a sea of sneakers, so how could we put a personal twist on our own pair? To do this, we began lace-swapping but found that the shoelaces on the market were not even close to the standards we expected. They were thin, plastic, cheap-looking and the colours were never as advertised. So, we set out to make our own because we wanted the best for our grails.

We have curated shoelaces that we’re proud to wear ourselves, that elevate our sneakers to the next level.

- Noah & Annie

Looped Laces The Founders